Late to the Party

“Late to the Party”  looks into Haus of Rivers, the only official drag queen group in New Brunswick, Canada. Haus of Rivers is made up of Brooke Rivers (Kevin Lemieux), Trinity Foxx (Dale Gray) and Rachael Slurr (Dylan Phillips).

 Produced by Benjamin Crouse and Hadeel B. Ibrahim.

Do No Harm

“Do No Harm”  is an explainer documentary that explores the neurological condition Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Through the research and expertise of Dr. Clive Baldwin, this film explains how the disease works, how people who have it cope, and how society reacts.

 Produced by Sarah Betts, Angela Bosse & William Cumming:

The Abstractors: The Art of Twist and TJ

If being an artist is to survive and thrive, then Twist and TJ must be two brave guys who are on their ways to the art field right now. For artists, it is challenging to survive in small towns, because art needs huge demand, but Twist and TJ have learned a lot since their exhibition last year. This year, they’ve come back with fresh ideas and ambition that drives them to the real abstraction.

Vincent Jiang Presents:

A Story of Survival

This is a short documentary concerning the life of Israel Unger, who lived in an attic with his family during the Holocaust. The documentary explores the living conditions Unger endured and his life after the Holocaust. Unger currently resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick with his wife. Produced by Sarah Morin, Mikayla Oatway & Logan Perley.