Nathalie’s Story

Once they reach adulthood, some adopted children want to know who their birth parents are. They want some closure, hope it helps them better understand who they are.
But what if you know who your parents are … and you remember them giving you up?
Nathalie Sturgeon has her story.


Keeping pace in the “Fast Fashion” world

Fashion retail isn’t for the feint of heart.
As customers increasing do their shopping online, chains such as Danier Leathers, Tip Top Tailors, and American Apparel have all been forced to close their doors or filed for creditor protection in Canada. The ones that continue to prosper, like H&M, are huge international companies with the buying power to keep costs down and keep up with “fast fashion” trends. But in Fredericton, at least one local storefront is breaking the mould. Alyssa Gould takes a look at how Shop Tilleuil is keeping pace in the “fast fashion” world.

Second Chance

Many people wish they had learned how to play a musical instrument or at least wished they had kept up with that old clarinet or trombone they had picked up in high school.
And as music lovers get to the end of their middle age and beyond, they often find that playing an instrument keeps the mind active and the fingers nimble.
Sarah Morin is a journalism student at St. Thomas University. She takes a look at the Second Chances Band in Fredericton … the music they make and the comforts it brings.

An extreme change

Many of us get a little uncomfortable looking back at pictures of our high school selves… the fashion is dated, complexions may not be clear… and we may even think to ourselves: “I don’t even look like that anymore!”
But for the Vickers twins, originally from Blackville, that change has been more extreme than for most.
Produced by Leticia Leon DeGante.